Insider Secret: Visit Mackinac Island

While it may seem like a no-brainer to many Michiganders, I was surprised to find out that outside of the Great Lake state, there aren’t many who have even heard of the gem that is Mackinac Island. Luckily for everyone that is not from the Great Lake State, we took a road trip north and are going to share our insider, “Michigander” knowledge. Continue reading

Carlsbad Flower Fields

Spring is finally upon us here in Southern California and while many schools are on spring break and weekends are spent outside, there has never been a better time to get out and smell the flowers, literally. The Carlsbad Flower Fields are 50 acres of breathtaking flowers and fresh, crisp air that leaves your senses feeling pleasantly overwhelmed. Continue reading

Getting a Brazilian Tourist Visa in Buenos Aires

During my trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, my main goal was to get a new tourist visa for Brazil before my student visa expired. Now, getting a Brazilian visa is not as easy as just paying a fee when you land in the country (for those with a passport from the USA, Australia, or New Zealand ). It takes time, organization, and money but it’s doable and normally a fairly quick and painless process. Continue reading

24 Horas em Detroit

Crescendo numa cidade perto de Detroit me levou à muitas visitas para a cidade. Ás vezes, Detroit pode ser conhecida por ser uma cidade  perigosa mas, na verdade, é uma cidade com moradores que amam a cidade e que têm orgulho de todos as coisas boas que tem lá. Para começar a nossa series de “24 horas”, nós vamos te dar nossas dicas de que não perder se você só tem um dia na cidade de Detroit, Michigan-EUA. Continue reading

Mini California Road Trip [Part II]

Leaving Onion Valley Campground in our rearview mirror, we headed off for the rest of our whirlwind California adventure. Continuing north we had heard rumors of relaxing hot springs in the middle of prairies that we couldn’t bear to miss out on. Stopping off and driving down a dirt road for what seemed like ages, we arrived at a natural “hot tub” and relaxed in the solitude of the empty land.

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Mini California Road Trip [Part I]

When trying to decide what to do for our good friend Melissa’s first birthday in the USA, we made a list of everything that she wanted to do and had never done. Our planning parameters were: 1-3 nights maximum, possible to drive with two people, and as cheap as possible. After narrowing down the list, we decided on a short 4 day road trip up the eastern side of California through some of the state’s most famous national parks to fabulous South Lake Tahoe.

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Camping in Joshua Tree National Park

Over Spring Break we decided to take advantage of our 3 days off to pack up the car with our newly acquired camping gear and head out to the desert for our first ever camping experience together. Only 3 short hours away by car, Joshua Tree is known for it’s namesake, the Joshua Trees, and it’s beautiful camping trails and rock climbing opportunities in the harsh desert environment. With many different areas set aside for campers, Joshua Tree National Park is perfect for an outdoor getaway.

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