Art Hotel Villa Agape

Overlooking the beautiful city of Florence, Art Hotel Villa Agape seems worlds away from the small streets, lined with vespas and shops, of central Florence. With its never-ending gardens and beautiful terraces, you’ll feel like you’re living inside a castle straight out of a fairytale.

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Day Trips from Munich, Germany

If you happen to find yourself scheduled to be in Munich on a Sunday, it might be a good idea to plan on taking a day trip out of the city. Since we were unaware that the city rolls up its sidewalks and takes a lazy day every Sunday (apparently like many other cities in Germany), we weren’t able to take advantage of some of the wonderful places that are located nearby. Lucky for you, we’re giving you a heads up so that you can take advantage of this time to discover some of the cities that we have named as our top day trips departing from Munich, Germany. Continue reading

48 hours in Munich, Germany

When trying to plan our trip, we had a hard time deciding how many days to spend in each city since we had such a short amount of time and so much to see. Unfortunately, that meant cutting our time in Munich, our stopover point between Paris and Prague, down to just 48 hours.With such a tight window to fit everything in, we narrowed down a list of all of the things that we couldn’t to miss in order to make the most of our time. Continue reading