Mini California Road Trip [Part II]

Leaving Onion Valley Campground in our rearview mirror, we headed off for the rest of our whirlwind California adventure. Continuing north we had heard rumors of relaxing hot springs in the middle of prairies that we couldn’t bear to miss out on. Stopping off and driving down a dirt road for what seemed like ages, we arrived at a natural “hot tub” and relaxed in the solitude of the empty land.

Eventually, as it was bound to happen, a van full of tourists with children in tow found our serene little hideaway so we were off again with the goal of making it to South Lake Tahoe by campground check-in time.

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After stopping in the quaint town of Bishop, CA for a burgerat the Bishop Burger Barn (an underrated gem in this often passed through town); we drove along rushing rivers, glistening lakes, and intimidating mountain peaks. Constantly climbing to high elevations and dropping back down had our ears popping every few miles in our tiny Chevrolet Sonic.


Our last stop before South Lake Tahoe was Carson City, Nevada. Seeing how cheap gas was and how cute the downtown area was had us deciding that it would make a great place to live, even if only for a little while. But alas, it was South Lake Tahoe or bust!

Two more of the most breathtaking summits later, we reached our destination… With nowhere to stay. All campgrounds were sold out and we were frantic. Settling in at the local Starbucks and using the free wi-fi, we called every campsite in the area and finally found one that could accommodate us.


The rest of the trip went smoothly from there. We hiked all day, enjoyed a beautiful sunset, saw a bear walking through a 500 site campground, and made friends with neighbors so that we could use a bit of their fire for campground pizzas.


After 4 days of adventure, we headed back to San Diego with our heads dreaming of pristine lakes, beautiful mountains, dirt under our feet, and green forests surrounding us.


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