Historic Scotland with the Frasers and Mary’s Meanders

Jamie and Claire Fraser, the beautiful and very much in love couple from the new hit series, Outlander; traveled far and wide across the Highlands of Scotland with all of their adventures and misadventures. This ultimately led to many historic filming locations that actually exist, albeit with different names, for fans of the series to visit.

While there are many tour operators out there advertising Outlander specific excursions, we highly recommend the Outlander Tours offered by Mary’s Meanders.

For 8 hours you will be transported back in time to when the Jacobite rebellion was gaining traction across Scotland and our favorite leads were trying to change the fate of those around them. Anne, our lovely guide with Mary Meanders, knew all things Outlander (book and television) and had even gotten to meet some of the cast members during filming at the locations that we would visit throughout the day.

A jam-packed itinerary left us moving from seas to lochs to large grassy estates in search of the beautiful castles that were featured heavily on our home viewing screens for the past two years.

Doune Castle14393895_1438001396217172_1848453310_o

Setting the scene as Castle Leoch in the Outlander series, Doune Castle is in remarkable condition for having been built in the 14th century. With access to most areas and a walking tour narrated by Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser)  for £5.50, this castle should not be missed.


A small village dating back to the coal mining industries of the 16th and 17th centuries, Culross (pronounced coo-ross) is a quaint town that is featured as Crainesmuir in Outlander.


Falkland, aka 1940s Inverness, is a village and former royal burgh that dates all the way back to the 12th century. Notable landmarks are the B&B that Claire and Frank stay in (still fully functioning and featuring a small restaurant) and the central square where ghosts seem to appear for Claire as she looks out the window of her room.

Midhope Castle14375225_1437944156222896_1819639178_o

The lovely Lallybroch House utilized the outside of the 16th century tower house, Midhope Castle, which is located on the Hopetoun Estate (also the stand in for to the Duke of Sandringham’s estate). Although there is no entry into the castle permitted, the outside was perfectly photogenic on its own.

Blackness Castle14407820_1438001769550468_1358186925_o

Filling in as the dreadful Fort William, Blackness Castle is also known as the “Ship that Never Sailed”. Shaped as a large ship, Blackness sits right on a salt water loch making it quite cold and prone to high winds. The high original rock walls are quite imposing and the plaques stating the history give you hints as to why this location was chosen to serve as the foreboding prison.

Linlithgow Castle14374730_1438001842883794_859562559_o

A beautiful castle in a charming town, Linlithgow was also used as a stand in for Fort William’s prison scenes. The main entry to the castle appears as the entry to Fort William and the dark corridors saw emotional action scenes from some of the darker episodes.


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