Brunch on a Brazilian Fazenda

Just a short drive or bus ride away from São Paulo is the small town of Atibaia where there is regionally famous sorbet, small local shops, and beautiful farms that offer true “farm to table” dining experiences. 

While visiting family (@ocasalviajante on Instagram) in the city of Atibaia we were introduced to the amazing Fazenda Paraíso where they treated us to a delicious, typically Brazilian, cafe da manhã (brunch). Perfect for a weekend escape from the city, a romantic excursion, or an event of any sophistication, Fazenda Paraíso is in all ways a breathtaking and idyllic place.

Winding through a tree-lined dirt road, you are welcomed to the Fazenda by a quaint pond, a cachaça processing building, and a cute outdoor space that hosts their limited and exclusive dining experiences.

Operating on a reservation only system, the brunch is cozy and offers a secluded feeling by limiting the number of people at any given time to truly give the space the farm and nature friendly atmosphere.

As you are shown to your reserved table, the smell of fresh baked Brazilian cakes wafts through the air while fresh made scrambled eggs and fruit await you already at your place setting.

Coffee is prepared to order over an old-fashioned stove while you move around their dining room trying to decide on which irresistably fresh fruit you’re going to pick next to accompany your fresh bread and various spreads.

After filling yourself to your hearts content with way too many sweets for so early in the morning, walking around the beautiful land is a necessity. If at any point you become tired and could use a relaxing rest near the calm pond water, there are ample hammocks scattered along the water’s edge.


For reservations, brunch times, and prices visit their website.

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